For independent professionals, solo-preneurs and small business owners...

"I want a website that draws clients I really want to work with...but I don't have time to write the content."

No problem. We'll take care of creating your website content so you can keep taking care of your clients.

Do you dread the question, "Where's your website?" (because you've got one but you hope nobody ever sees it)  

Are you held back from developing your website because you haven't got a strong, consistent brand and message you're not sure what kind of content to create? (If this is you, you'll love the way we use story archetype to develop your brand and strengthen your message!)  

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of sitting down to write the content for your website? ("too busy" or "it's not my thing" or even, "Who's got time to learn copywriting?") 

Would you welcome the luxury of finding more hours in the day (because your website works harder to generate qualified leads and sign up clients)? 

Have you avoided getting help for your website because you want to communicate in your own voice (and you wonder if a copywriter will really "get" what you're all about ... let alone find the words to express your unique qualities)? 

If you answered "yes!" to any of those questions, you're not alone and you're in the right place.  

The truth is, most website makeovers get stuck at the very end, waiting for content to be completed. 

It doesn't have to be this way. We’ll help you fill your site with persuasive content that's friendly to search engines and visitors, tailored specifically to your target audience. 

What Can You Expect When We Work Together? 

Your website will speak directly to prospective clients you've identified as "ideal." 

You'll discover how to brand with your story archetype so every element of your website aligns with your brand. 

Your website will incorporate engaging, original promises that reinforce your message. You'll reach exactly the kind of clients you've always wanted to work with. 

Your website will truly become your home on the web. It feels good. It feels comfortable. It sounds like you

A lot of us have had the experience of hiring copy and design experts who arrived on the scene with an agenda. It's like hiring an interior decorator who paints your walls purple with pink polka dots...and you'd been hoping for elegant shades of ivory and beige. You don't invite people over because, "that's so not me!"

My clients get a website that's like their dream home. By identifying your story archetype, we discover the way you want to relate to clients, the way you want to be remembered, and the client expectations you need to manage. You might even discover components of your dream you didn't realize were important to you. But we leave off the fussy elements that aren't "you" (even if everybody's saying you must do this or else...) 

You'll feel proud to introduce your website to your prospects -- and you may even feel confident enough to develop some stretch goals to move your business forward.

Your website will get done.

No designer? No interest in getting into the nitty-gritty of setting up a site? I've got copywriting add-ons to help you get what you need without learning techspeak. If you choose, your copy can even be delivered as a Wordpress site so it's easy to get the final touches added and go live. And if you've got a designer, s/he will rejoice when you arrive with all the copy ready to go. 

Choose the Best Plan For Your Business

Website Done For You

A high-converting "Done For You" website with compelling, conversational copy -- just the copy or delivered on a Wordpress platform. We'll write from scratch or edit what you've got already.  

Click on the button below to communicate exactly where you are in your process and what you need to move forward.

Analysis Of Your Current Site

A detailed review and video critique to identify specific ways to elevate your marketing, incorporate your story and increase your results. May be deducted from copywriting if you decide on a rewrite or makeover. 

copywriting consultation by cathy goodwin for solo-preneurs

When Your Website Is Your One Big Thing (and you want to DIY)

For experienced business owners who want support, guidance and coaching to DIY their "one big thing" and get it done within 90 days. 

Why should you hire me -- Cathy Goodwin?

I've been working on websites for over a decade. My superpower is helping you figure out why you're unique so you can create a compelling message and stand out from the competition. 

Your website should communicate your unique benefits with a story that keeps visitors reading, gets them engaged and gives them reasons to say "yes" to your offer. 

When you work with me, you benefit from the 3-step process based on defining your story archetype. Your website and your marketing strategy will align with your story archetype, so clients will see you as clear and consistent in your message. 

Not sure what you need? Have a question that's not covered? Click on the blue button below.