For independent professionals, solo-preneurs and small business owners...

"I want a website that draws clients I really want to work with."

Building a website can feel lonely...even if you hire a web designer.

Let's face it: writing your website alone can be tough. 

Smart, successful business owners call me because they've been spending months working to update their websites. Or they're so busy working with clients, their website makeovers never get started. They're horribly embarrassed when someone asks, "Where's your website?" (especially if that someone wants to offer them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity). 

Even if you hire a designer, developer or marketing coach, there's that moment when you're facing a blank screen. You have to define your message. You need to be persuasive and professional. And your graphics, navigation, copy and style need to align with your message so your ideal client "gets" what you're about. 

I'm Cathy Goodwin. I've been online for over a decade. I've helped clients develop websites from scratch and coached them through DIY projects. I've put together website development packages that work with your business, whether you want to turn the whole thing over to me, DIY or some combination or DIY and Done-For-You. 

You'll get the hands-on, customized support you need to turn your business vision into a professional, hard-working website. And you won't have to do this alone. 

What Will Your Website Look Like After We Work Together? 

Your website makes you irresistible to prospective clients. 

We take a look at what's unique and valuable in your business - your highest contribution - and we answer the question your audience really wants to ask: "What's your story?" We clarify your message and make sure every element of your website aligns with your message. Your viewers feel like they know you ... and they "get" what you do.  

Your website authentically shares why you're unique.

You'll come away from our first consultation with an answer to the question, "What makes me special? How can I stand out from the crowd?"

You'll discover how to transform your most boring, process-focused copy into engaging, original promises that reinforce your message. You'll reach exactly the kind of clients you've always wanted to work with. 

Your website generates targeted leads, so you grow your email list and keep the pipeline filled. 

You'll get keywords and tips for attracting traffic organically. If needed, you'll get help to choose from the hundreds of email marketing services and how to set up a high-converting lead magnet.  

You're not left alone to deal with the nuts and bolts of website set-up.  

Many components of your website, such as setting up a Wordpress platform and dealing with designers, will be included when you work with me. Unlike most copywriters, I'm familiar with the tech part -- the code, the graphics packages and more. I can guide you through the maze of hosting, domain registration and other nitty-gritty details that take forever if you have to figure it out -- and just a matter of seconds when someone walks you through them. And I'll help you interpret tech-speak when you start to feel overwhelmed. 

You'll love your new website: priceless! 

You'll feel proud to introduce your website to your prospects -- even those who've been on your dream list because you weren't sure how to approach them.You turn a dreaded task on your To Do List into a completed project you're proud to share. 

Some clients even say they sleep better at night. That's up to you. 

Choose the Best Plan For Your Business

Website Done For You

A high-converting, "Done For You" website with compelling, conversational copy -- just the copy or delivered on a Wordpress platform.

More Results From Your Current Site

A detailed review and critique to identify specific ways to elevate your marketing and increase your results. 

copywriting consultation by cathy goodwin for solo-preneurs

Support For Implementing Your DIY Website Makeover

For experienced business owners who want support, guidance and handholding to DIY a specific project and get it done within 90 days. 

Why should you hire me -- Cathy Goodwin?

I've been working on websites for over a decade. My superpower is helping you figure out why you're unique so you can create a compelling message and stand out from the competition. 

Your website should communicate your business and product with a story that keeps visitors reading, gets them engaged and makes them say "yes" to your offer. My role is to help you identify your best story and turn it into a high-converting website, as smoothly and simply as possibly. 

Unlike many copywriters, I know HTML/CSS - the building blocks of websites - and Photoshop, the primary web design tool. Gain an advocate who can negotiate wth designers and developers in their own language...and get your website done while your competitors are still waiting to hear back from their designers.