"You've heard that storytelling is the most critical business skill today. Now discover how to use stories to generate results in your business." 

What kind of story do you tell about your business? 

A cliff-hanger suspense story? 

“I spent hours writing that sales letter and couldn't figure out why it didn't work.” 

"My web designer disappeared half way through the project. How will I get this website done in time for my next big event?” 

“I work hard on marketing and it doesn’t bring results.” 

A fantasy where a genie shows up, waves a wand that brings you success, and also sticks around to organize your office and do the dishes?

 “I'm on a mission to discover the secret success formula that everybody else uses."

"I joined programs promising the One Big Answer and found the guy behind the curtain wasn’t a wizard after all.” 

A quest for your ideal pathway to growth?

 “I need to work on my brand.” 

“I want to clarify my message to my buyers.” 

“People know me, but not very many. I want to grow my presence online.” 

Now you can take advantage of the most under-utilized tool of business growth. 

Stories help you gain insight into your challenges by drawing on your right brain...so you get results that will be appreciated your analytical, number-drive left brain.  

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About Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

I've been in the online marketing game for many years. With that experience comes the passion to help other businesses gain the greatest value from their marketing efforts. My style might best be described as direct: you won't waste time and you'll get exactly what you need to take the next steps in your marketing, uplevel your copywriting, or implement a successful business strategy.

In my former life as a business school professor, I honed my analytical skills with published research and worked with executives and professionals from many industries. I'm an experienced researcher, a published author, and a professional speaker...and did a round of stand-up comedy appearances at open mikes in Philly and New York. 

After living all over North America (including Canada and Alaska), I now live in the historic district of Philadelphia, spending free time in animal rescue, ceramic sculpture and enjoying the many cultural resources of this wonderful city. 

And no...that's not me in the top photo! I look just like my cartoon picture. 

copywriting and copy coaching consultation

"Yes, Cathy! I'm ready to grow my business with stories and I want your help!"

I understand that we'll have a 45 minute session and I'll get 2 weeks of email follow-up included. I'll send you all my materials for you to read before we get on the phone, so we'll make every minute count.

I am happy to learn that if I retain you to write copy for a sales letter or website, within 5 working days of our consultation, I can deduct the cost of these sessions from the full package price.

Just $299. But since this is a new offer and I'm working out the details...

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