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 12 industry experts reveal how to build on a solid foundation as you pivot, rebrand or redirect your business. Be among the first to get access to the first virtual summit on pivoting (and be ready to enjoy first mover advantage). 

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If you're running a business, there's a pivot in your future. Guaranteed.

  • Technology changes ... and your service delivery system shifts from "leading the pack" to "behind the curve."  
  • Your strongest competitor introduces a new product ... and now your top money-maker seems slow, dated and irrelevant.
  • You get a "Eureka!" discovery moment: a hungry segment of your market .that nobody else has targeted ..and you're uniquely qualified to serve them.  
  • Your branding has brought you success for years ... and you're ready for a bigger stage, which means you recharge, re-vison and rebrand.  
  • You realize your hidden talents (or newly acquired skills) will bring you far more lucrative results than what you're doing now ... and frankly, you've been ready for a change anyway.

So now you're excited to get going. But you don't want to reinvent the wheel. You look over the Internet landscape and discover ... nothing. 

Everybody's talking about pivoting, but nobody's talking about how to make it happen. You're eager for guidance but you find just an article or two here and there ... not a single course, program or set of guidelines.  

That's about to change.

We've gathered 12 business owners in different businesses. We asked them how they experienced their own pivots ... and what advice they'd give others.

lorrie morgan-ferrero on pivoting
sue ann dunlevie pivot your business
connie ragen green pivot your business

Lorrie Morgan tops the list of "Best Women Copywriters" in the 21st Century. She's a pioneer in defining the difference between writing to women versus men. 

She shares her experience of pivoting to develop The She Factor, training businesses who target women customers. She's recently experimented with a pivot for a new business that's ...well, a little shocking and potentially a lot lucrative.  


Sue Ann Dunlevie made a career pivot from corporate sales to building a health blog ... and then a second pivot to become one of the most in-demand speakers, teachers and mentors to beginning bloggers. (Some advanced bloggers sneak in there, too, but don't tell anybody.) 

Connie Ragen Green pivoted from elementary school teacher and real estate agent to become one of the most respected names in online training. 

Connie recently pivoted from focusing 100% on marketing to add products and services related to mindset and productivity. She'll explain when to know it's time to branch out ... and how to rock your profits without rocking the boat for your established business.  

melanie yost in pivot your business
ian brodie pivot your business

Chuck Rylant has made several career pivots, from police detective to certified financial planner to marketing coach and trial consultant.

Chuck has found a way to integrate these shifts into a fulfilling lifestyle business. His financial planning services include elements of life coaching. He teaches law enforcement and serves as consultant and expert witness at murder trials. 

Melanie Yost is a psychotherapist who pivoted to working as a business consultant..and then added a new twist. 

Melanie's live workshop helps business owners blast through blocks to success, with the help of a few well-trained horses on a beautiful farm in the hills of Virginia. 

Ian Brodie is an internationally known consultant and email marketing expert. Ian leveraged a corporate background in sales to become a business consultant and coach.

Ian has pivoted to establish a membership site, Momentum Club, and to share his expertise training programs. 

Ian will share his own experiences and advise on effective ways to pivot with email marketing. 

christina hills pivot summit
adrienne - pivot your business
michelepw for pivot your business

Christina Hills developed the leading training program for a popular email service. 

After several years she pivoted to develop the premier training program for Wordpress websites.Discover how to choose a niche that’s best for pivoting and share 3 questions to test your passion for your pivot. 

Adrienne Dupree began her career as a software engineer, working on the side as an online business owner and a mortgage broker. Her part-time Amazon business morphed into full-time after a layoff. 



Michele Pariza Wacek (Michele PW) has pivoted from freelance copywriting to her own copywriting company. Most recently she pivoted to "Love-Based copywriting, creating books that teach readers to write copy that attracts, inspires and invites. 

sue painter pivot your business
margie-beiswanger - pivot your business
Donna Kozik Pivot Your Business Online Marketing Summit

Sue Painter is an award-winning entrepreneur who's been featured on major media, including ABC, NBC, CBS news, Boston Globe and Miami Herald newspapers. 

Sue pivoted from corporate executive director to owning a massage clinic and then into one of the best known business coaches for women in the U.S., running her own programs and coaching with Ali Brown for 4 years in her previous group coaching program. 

Margie Beiswanger pivoted from a position as a university scientist and university administrator, to becoming a full-time life and business coach.  

A natural entrepreneur, she quickly filled her practice and now has a waiting list of clients. 

Donna Kozik pivoted from a corporate communications career to become an online book coach 16 years ago.

Donna has guided her clients to pivot their careers and businesses by writing books. She shows then how becoming an author helps you move from overwhelm and muddy messages to confident achievement. 

Among other things, she shares her “learn to discern” technique and her secret to recognizing a profitable business opportunity. 

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