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Help clients find you online and appreciate the value of what you offer.  

Attention Attorneys:

Get A Professional, Profitable Website That Helps You Attract More Clients (Without Hassle And Within Your Budget)

In today's market, many of your prospective clients will search online for legal services. Nearly 100% of those who come from referrals will go to your website to "check you out."

If you need a website or website makeover, you're in the right place. I specialize in building websites that combine high quality with fast turnaround. We keep your rates low by giving you only what you need, without costly and unnecessary upgrades.  

Get A Website That Delivers Results With Professionalism

Your website delivers a strong, consistent message that communicates realistic expectations. Your content introduces you in an engaging, conversational style that makes prospects feel comfortable about hiring you, yet communicates realistic expectations. 

Lawyer Marketing Expertise

Get A Website That Reflects Your Expertise

Your website explains even a complex practice area in simple language that resonates with your clients. You showcase your experience and share your story. We follow your guidelines to be sure you're in compliance with regulations.  

copywriting for lawyer websites

About Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D. 

"II'm committed to helping your firm achieve growth through online marketing . And I'm equally committed to giving you hassle-free website development.  

"I've been around a long time, so you get the benefit of my carefully-guarded list of resources and affordable services. I've also developed systems to create content and develop websites quickly by cutting out the fluff and knowing what's essential." 

“As an attorney who takes pride in his writing, I had to overcome my reluctance to work with a copywriter on a new web site. From the outset, Cathy eliminated my reservations and created a comfort zone for my new venture. Her writings exceeded my expectations. Cathy was able to synthesize complex points of law into golden nuggets of simple information for future clients to understand.”

Carlos Batara, Immigration Lawyer

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About Websites For Lawyers

We can move quickly when you're ready.

There's no need to put off the opportunity to reach more clients and begin to expand your presence on line. 

You get a website completely done-for-you, with the help of my virtual team. I have access to some high-quality, cost-effective services. Or you can get just the copy and work with the designer you choose. 

A simple website for a solo practitioner can be up and running in as little as six weeks, if you're continuously available to answer questions that arise. I keep my overhead low so my rates will be surprisingly competitive. 

If you prefer, we can have a consultation about your online marketing strategy and your website (fully deductible when you upgrade to a full done-for-you website project). 

And if you're just in tweaking mode, you can get a detailed review and blueprint, delivered via video. 

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