midlife career change with job stress

Do you dread getting up to go to work each day? 

You're not alone. Millions of people hate their jobs...even if they work for themselves. They experience job stress and job burnout. And they aren't getting a lot of help from traditional wisdom.

Most advice comes in the form of "Quit or Grit."

Quit and hope you'll find a better job -- or even another job -- before your savings disappear. OR grit your teeth and hang in there -- being miserable.

Now you can learn a new way to use the job you hate to move to a career you'll love. Just $9.95 when you buy today. 

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Stop feeling powerless and take realistic steps to begin moving to a more joyful career experience. 

You'll get concrete action steps based on my own work with hundreds of clients all over the world in the past 15 years. They're not intended as a replacement for psychological, legal or medical advice, but rather as inspiration and opportunities for discovery.  

For example: 

find your dream job

How to turn your current job into a vehicle to move to your dream career

A psychological trick to empower yourself even when you feel trapped and hopeless

Lessons from professional actors about staying strong when you don't fit your assigned role


How to use your "right-brained" creative side to discover exciting career opportunities


When working too hard will sabotage your long-term goals (and how to manage your commitments ethically and effectively)


find your dream career

Why you're more likely to find success when you focus on your dream and your life beyond your career


“This book helped me create not only a beautiful and functional website but also one that actively engages users on a regular basis.”

Joe Weber - Digital Solutions

Career Change for Midlife Career Changers

A Word From The Author

“I'm Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D. In the last 15 years I've helped mid-life, mid-career executives as they transition from a misery-making career to a dream job. 

”Frankly, most career guidance books aren't realistic. They're either chirpy-cheerful or they tell you to hang in there because there's nothing better.

"This guide gives you a realistic perspective so you can keep your power and begin to take goal-oriented action right away ...even if everybody's telling you it's impossible."


Why spend another minute in an environment that's unpleasant and even toxic and harmful? The price is a no-brainer and there's a 30-day guarantee, so you have no reason to delay. 

midlife career change with job stress

$37.00 $9.97

if you buy now.

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