“Copywriting To Get People Talking ... And Give Your Business An Edge"



4 PM ET / 1 PM PT

Edgy Copywriting Webinar by Cathy Goodwin

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Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D. 

Whenever I send out a broadcast, I've learned that I'm in trouble if nobody opts out. When some subscribers feel so strongly that they leave the list, I get sales from the ones who stay.  

Why does this work? 

Because buyers respond to edgy copy. When they're indifferent, they don't buy.

To attract clients and establish your reputation, you need to create conversation and get people talking. But how?

  • You could do something extreme, like sharing a photo of yourself doing something weird...but you sacrifice your professional image.
  • You could borrow some language from Tony Soprano ... but, in some markets, you'd destroy your brand. 

The challenge is to create compelling copy that gets people talking, without scaring them away. 

The bottom line: Your audience wants copy that's fresh, exciting and fun to read - but still in good taste, not over the top.

So how do you write copy to create conversations (and sales)? And where do you put it? 

Get answers to these questions on this all-new webinar. 

You will discover: 

  • Why writing timid, tired copy can be the worst mistake you can make on your website (and why it's so tempting for professional marketers to chill out instead of lighting a fire under their prospects)
  • How to tell the difference between edgy and over-the-top
  • How to adapt edgy ideas to your own marketing message (because some work in your market and some don't)
  •  What "keeping everybody happy" is not the best strategy to attract your ideal clients 
  • How to write edgy copy for a buttoned-up, up-tight, ultra-conservative market (and why you need to)

... and more! Come join us next Tuesday.