Do your clients work with you ONCE and then disappear (and you're ready to start getting the big profits from long relationships)? 

online marketing customer service ebook

If your business delivers a professional service, you probably know the score.  

Finding new clients is hard work. You probably already spend thousands of dollars (and countless hours) trying to attract new clients: networking, giving speeches, even running ads.

But you may be walking away from thousands of dollars, waiting on your doorstep.

Your existing clients can become your most lucrative source of revenue ... IF you treat them right. It's not rocket science but it's SO easy to get lost when you're busy trying to serve clients, market yourself and more.

Here's a typical story from just ONE client:

"I loved my coach, but after only two hours, I stopped working with her. And I signed up with her competitor and stayed two years."

This coach made two fundamental mistakes that you'll learn about when you read my Special Report...and you'll also learn how another coach turned a potential disaster into an opportunity that brought her thousands of dollars over several years. 

Let's face it: one client for 5 years will grow your business faster than 5 clients one year at a time. Here's why: 

The longer a client stays with you, the more likely that client will bring you referral business. Each referral brings you a new revenue stream -- and you don't have to spend a dime.

The happier the client, the more likely you'll get a testimonial, making you a more credible resource for new clients. The happiest clients will even send you referrals!

And clients who know your expertise will hire you for more diverse projects, so you'll become even more marketable.

Most marketing courses teach you how to get clients. Now you can learn how to KEEP them with Create Lifetime Income with Heart, Soul and Chocolates On The Pillow. 


Here's just a part of what you will learn: 

  • How to write a service guarantee without giving away the store (or promising outcomes that are way beyond your control)
  • How to turn a refund into a new business opportunity
  • How to avoid clashing with your client's hidden value system 
  • Why your dog may attract the "wrong" clients to your business 
  • Tips for improvising when you respond to a client's crisis 
  • How to defuse your client's 2 deepest fears before you start working together 
  • How an experienced guru-level webinar host drove away prospective clients with a mistake that is so easy to fix 
  • How coaches who love their clients can inadvertently insult them (and create a bad feeling that never goes away)
  • The promise you never realized you made (but your client got mad when you broke it)
  • How your fee structure creates expectations that influence your reationship from the get-go
  • How to respond when clients ask for something outrageous (and don't want to pay extra) 
  • Why setting boundaries actually brings you closer to your client 
  • How to defuse your family's requests for free sessions 
  • How to avoid the top 2 mistakes many coaches make when ending a business relationship
  • A 7-step strategy for building customer service into your business foundation 

"OK, Cathy, I'm in! What's my investment?

If you save even ONE HOUR from ONE CLIENT, you've been paid back many times over.

Buy now for only $97...? $47? ... $37?

Nope...just $17 for a limited time only.

I don't know anyone else who's talking about customer service for coaches and consultants on the Internet. This Report puts you ahead of the curve.

Why wait? Download now and get ready to enjoy longer, more profitable and more fun relationships with your clients.

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Cathy Goodwin, Copywriter

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

A Word From The Author

“I've been working with clients online for over 15 years. Before that time I was a college professor, and I researched customer service in many fields. 

"I became frustrated when my clients reported their own clients were breaking relationships...and when I hired people who made simple, easily avoidable mistakes that destroyed our relationship. This book will teach you how to keep clients and earn the rewards of long-term relationships.



Why put off building potentially lucrative relationships with your best clients? Buy now and start to enjoy longer-term rewards (and enjoy your business, too).

online marketing customer service ebook

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