Creating Your First Course Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

online course creation with storytelling

Are you holding off on creating an online course because... ... you feel overwhelmed by all the tech to choose from? ... you're afraid you'll spend weeks (or months) on a course nobody wants? ... you're not sure you know enough? ... you don't want to spend a hundred hours on their course so you can learn how to create your course ? 

The truth is ...

If you've been in business awhile, and you're providing a helpful service, you're providing expertise to your clients. If you're doing a good job, you've got expert knowledge that can be packaged into a course. 

What holds most business owners back are the next steps: making sure your audience will pay for your course, transforming your expertise into a curriculum, and promoting your course. 

Here's what I've discovered from developing and selling courses for my own business and for my clients.  

  • Your first course is the hardest.  

Once you've gone past that learning curve, you can easily tweak your course and your promotion. That's why I created a simple step-by-step program to get you past this point. It may be all you need to create your own private school for clients. Or you may decide to delve more deeply into the process as you create specialized trainings for targeted audiences.  

  • You're probably spending too much time creating your course -- and way too much time learning about creating a course.  

Many business owners have been guided to believe that course creation is rocket science and "more is better." So they create intensive curriculum items that nobody cares about. They spend too much time on marketing because they didn't take their first critical steps before they began writing the content. 

The 5-Step Profitable Course Creation program lets you get started quickly because we removed the fluff. We recognize that many commonly taught techniques won't be relevant to you in the early stages. So we trimmed the fat and boiled the process down to 5 steps that will guide you to enjoy the rewards of adding a course to your current offerings.  

Imagine if you could ... 

... feel confident that qualified prospects will want to buy your course before you spend time developing the content  

... skip the technology learning curve with simple software you're probably using already

... design your course to engage your buyers while guiding them through the transformation they're seeking

... accelerate your course development time by skipping the fluff and taking only the minimum required actions 

... enjoy the rewards that come with being established as an authority with a course that positions you as an expert 

Introducing: Create Your Profitable Online Course In Just 5 Steps

If you follow this simple five-step system, you won't need to study 1000 pages, 100 templates and 36 videos that promise to guide you through a process that would terrify a rocket scientist. You'll get what you need and only what you need.  

Why can I promise to help you create your course in 5 simple steps...when so many people are insisting it's much more complicated? 

I’m Cathy Goodwin. I’ve been creating courses my whole working life. I was a college professor before I went online. And as a copywriter, I’ve created, developed and/or marketed close to 100 online courses. 

I got tired of seeing training programs that made the process seem so complicated you’d need a 6-month total immersion program to master the basics. 

And I got even more frustrated with programs that glossed over the success factors nobody talks about ... and everybody secretly uses. 

So I created this new program: "5 Step Profitable Course Creation"

Introducing "5 Step Profitable Course Creation"

MODULE 1: How to avoid “empty audience syndrome” with an irresistible topic 

…Evaluate your topic with the business model Good-Fit test

…3-point “hungry audience” checklist (and a really sneaky way to find out what they want)

…The surprisingly simple test to answer the question: “Is this course marketable?”

…the 5 step “get it done” sequence to build your course faster and more easily than anyone else

MODULE 2: How to get your course into the inboxes of your students (and protect it from freeloaders and thieves)

…why you need to plan your platform before creating your course content

…how to read between the lines when you’re considering a paid software program (and how to put a course together with tools you’ve already got sitting on your hard drive)

…the insider secrets of creating a Udemy course (and how to make this platform work for you)

… how to deliver courses with the membership model (even if you don’t use membership software)

… the basics of screen-capture video when you want to keep it simple (and why most courses choose this style of course delivery today)

MODULE 3: How to create a course that will keep students reading to the end (even if you're not a writer...even if you've got writer's block).

… How to transform a ho-hum "how to" manual into a lively story that engages your students (and really teaches them what they need to know)

… How playing this “20 question” game will put your course development on speed dial

… How to build a course that works with - not against - your student's preferred learning style

… How using these templates will help you get inside your students' heads so they think you’re a mind-reader

MODULE 4: How to earn meaningful revenue from your course (while delivering a high quality experience to your students)

… 5 ways to promoting a course (hint: not the same as a product or coaching program)

… What you must do when you promote with guest blog posts (miss this step and you might as well not write the post at all)

… How to earn affiliate income from joint ventures with these 3 essential strategies 

… How to get more sign-ups for you course with these 5 copywriting tips most people don't know about 

... What most people forget to do when they blog about their course (so they lose all the benefits, especially if you're guest blogging) 

MODULE 5: How to turn your course into a business-boosting tool (so you get the rewards of your efforts many times over)

… How to leverage your course to become the go-to expert in your field (and why a course does this more effectively than just about anything else)

… How to repurpose your course materials so your marketing productivity increases dramatically 

… The surprising ways a course can add value to your coaching, consulting, design or other services (so your clients make faster progress and appreciate what you're doing for them)

… How to begin creating your next course while you’re serving your current clients

BONUS: For a limited time only, get a video 5-point review of your course sales page or outline - covering 5 make-or-break elements of your new course.

Get the self-paced course and begin immediately! You'll enjoy access to all the modules - plus the bonuses - so you can work on your own, anytime, anyplace. 

 Just $97 For Immediate And Unlimited Access 


I'm confident you'll love the course and you'll get terrific benefits. But I don't want "sad money." 

Just ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase. I'll cheerfully refund your money and we'll part friends.