"Take Your First Steps To Develop
And Profit From Your Online Course Without Feeling Overwhelmed, Getting Stuck, Or Taking More Time Than You Absolutely Need"

As a service professional, you can't make your days longer. So to grow your business, you need to reach a bigger audience with less work.

An online course will

... position you as an expert and increase the perceived value of your services;

... help you earn revenue 24/7, even when you're diving off a sailboat in the Caribbean or getting a good night's sleep.

... set you apart with genuine benefits that are difficult to imitate (such as VIP access to resources that keep clients making meaningful progress between sessions)

But if you're like many people, you hesitate to take the first steps. Or you get stalled because the whole process feels new and strange.

As service professionals, we're all natural teachers.

Some people have organized their knowledge into the framework of a course.

They may have an inner marketing compass that points them to broader audiences.

Or they may have studied the ingredients of successful, revenue-generating courses.

Your audience wants to learn.

Today, more than ever, people are hungry for knowledge. They want to take charge of their own experience. They refuse to rely on so-called "experts" who claim to have all the answers.

So the market for online courses and the demand isn't going away anytime soon.

But creating a course that attracts a profitable following calls for some skills.

It takes a series of steps that seem confusing and overwhelming if you haven't been there.

So some professionals get started and then give up almost immediately. Or they create an elegant course and then never earn a dime.

That's why I put together the Course Creation Start-Up program to help you. I'll walk you through the first 4 essential action steps. We'll break them down into manageable pieces so you gain increased confidence and productivity.

I'm Cathy Goodwin.  I've been creating courses my whole working life.  As a copywriter, I'll show you how to get your courses snapped up by your ideal prospects...and help you market your course before you create it.

Imagine sharing your knowledge with a broader audience, creating wider circles of influence, establishing yourself as an authority ...and earning additional income as you grow your business.

This scenario is completely realistic for any service business owner.

"I keep seeing humongous course creation programs with lots of bells and whistles."

The truth is...

... most course creators need fast answers to a handful of specific questions, not thousands of pages of content

... your quickest learning comes from access to an experienced pro who's actually created and sold courses (not a "coach" who memorized the generic formula)

... you get the biggest bang for the buck when you perform your first action steps correctly (so you skip the pain of starting over...and over)

"So how does this work?"

After you've paid, I'll send you some questions to answer and we'll set a time to talk.
Then we get together on the phone - just us! - and we'll dig into your own course creation process. We'll spend 60-90 minutes  in a structured, no-BS consultation, tailored to answer your questions. 

"What will I take away?" 

You will get ...

... a course title that communicates the spark of your idea and catches the eye of your most likely prospects

the 4-part "psychology of learning" map (so your course design engages your students from the beginning and keep them interested)

... 5 to 10 selling points so you can start marketing your course (and often earning revenue) before your course gets created

...Your timeline to create and launch your course as quickly as possible

... Confidence that you've got the expertise and credibility to deliver the goods

Of course, specific outcomes will depend on your goals and ability to take action. We can always modify the session to meet your needs.

"Can we do all this in ONE session?" 

Oh yes.

I've been doing this a long, long time. I'm originally from New York so I work in fast-paced New York Minutes. If you're like most of my clients, we'll be finished early with lots of time for questions.

"Why are you offering this program at this low price?"

For one thing, there's a need. I don't want people to be blocked from creating a course because they can't or won't invest the time and money in a big guru program. 

And second,  you'll enjoy a beta version, offered for a limited time before the price goes up and/or the program grows.

"What if I need more help than one session?"

For a limited time, you can get 30 days email follow-up immediately after your session at no extra charge. You can send in emails anytime on weekdays, 9-5, M-F.

Another session? You're grandfathered in at the original price for follow-ups for 60 days after your first session. 



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