Do you need solid, professional feedback on your marketing message and your content? 

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I'm Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., a professional copywriter. For over a decade I've specialized in online marketing for small businesses and independent professionals. I've been doing copywriting and copy coaching for over a decade (and I've been a professional writer much longer). 

Now you can gain exclusive access to my high-energy, well-trained brain for 90 whole minutes. Here's what you can expect (although of course we'll customize each session to your needs): 

We go through your content and figure out what's working, what's not and why.  

You get specific action steps to send a stronger, clearer message that resonates with your ideal clients. And you'll gain confidence that you're on the best path to profit within your own market.


 ... wondering, "Do I need one more tweak?" 

... delaying your launch because, "I'm not sure the copy is ready." 

... feeling "website shame" because you're still working on your website (or haven't had time to get started). 

... getting lost in the crowd because your last copywriter gave you me-too, cookie cutter content.

....spending hours agonizing over that rough draft, wondering if you're just one tweak away from success (or if you're looking at pulling another all-nighter, which you wish you'd left behind in college) 

LOTS MORE ... being surprised by more revenue, more clients, more recognition and more reasons to celebrate your new revenue growth.

Copywriting and Online Marketing Small Business Consultation with Cathy Goodwin

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D. Specializing in Strategic Storytelling and Content Creation For Small Business 

"Why choose a 1:1 consultation with a professional copywriter?" 

Good question! 

You could post your question to a forum. When you publicly request feedback, you get a ton of replies from well-meaning people from a variety of backgrounds. Some will be experts, but they're busy: even in the best mastermind group, you'll likely get 5 minutes of attention -- just 15 with a "hot seat." 

You could ask your marketing coach. Often detailed reviews are not included in a coaching program. And your mentor wants to use your limited time together for other things! Sometimes marketing coaches will encourage clients to hire a copywriter (and they usually work with copywriters themselves).  

You could sign up for a training program. Clients frequently hire me to supplement their training programs, get answers to questions and get feedback on what they've learned.

When you work with me, you're in the spotlight for 100% of your 90-minute time slot. You get to ask follow-up questions. 

Best of all, you're borrowing the brain of an experienced, trained copywriter -- me, Cathy Goodwin

I've been in the online marketing game for over a dozen years, specializing in helping small businesses and independent professionals grow their businesses with the tools of online marketing. With this experience comes the passion to help other businesses gain the greatest value from their marketing efforts. 

My style might best be described as direct: you won't waste time and you'll get exactly what you need to take the next steps in your marketing, uplevel your copywriting, or implement a successful business strategy.

On a personal note, I'm a recovering academic, published author, professional speaker and sometime standup comic. I live in historic Philadelphia with 2 cats and a dog.  

What Others Say...

So much value in one short call!

"When I called Cathy I knew I wanted to pivot my business to be significantly more profitable but I didn't know where to start.

"After just the first 60 minutes, I was clear on the benefits I bring to my clients and I had retooled my services with new price points. We revised the wording and structure of my Home Page, totally redirected my About Page and a whole lot more!  

"It wasn’t just theory – we actually started drafting the copy and headlines. Our session was fun and I enjoyed working shoulder to shoulder with Cathy.

 "Cathy went through my materials and teased out what was useful and what wasn’t (and she told me exactly what to get rid of in a no-nonsense style!). She helped me think through my message so the words and the website support my purpose and express the value I deliver to my clients." 

Rachel Z. Cornell, Productivity Coach 

Straight from the shoulder advice

"I signed up for a 90-minute consultation because I need a website makeover and I needed to redefine my niche. 

"Cathy gave me excellent advice for doing both. She suggested specific directions for my website and gave me guidance on choosing between the two niches I was considering. 

"To my surprise, Cathy actually recommended I take other specific actions before or during my website makeover, to get a faster start on my coaching business.

"Unlike some coaches, Cathy doesn't beat around the bush. She's very direct and she tells it like it is, so you don't waste time and you get exactly what you need. If you're ready to take action and get straight-from-the-shoulder advice, without sugarcoating, I'd recommend Cathy's consultation."

Melissa C. Martin, Career Coach For Canadians Transitioning from Mlitary To Civilian Life 

Planned my website and message in just one 90-minute call

“When planning a new business venture, I realized I needed a website. I was not sure what would be involved. 

“In just one session, Cathy helped me clarify my message and establish the page-by-page website setup. 

"Our consultation exceeded my expectations – it was enjoyable as well as inspirational. As an experienced business owner, I’d say it was a very worthwhile investment.” 

Robert E. Barker, United Kingdom 

copywriting and copy coaching consultation

"OK, Cathy, I'm ready to start! What's next?" 

Click here to pay for 1 90-minute Consultation - $297 

There's absolutely no obligation after the call. But if you decide you'd like me to write your copy, deduct your consultation cost from the full price (within 7 business days after the call). 

Includes pre-work, consultation, 2 weeks email follow-up and free access to my Udemy course "Copywriting For Non-Copywriters."  

After you've paid, send me anything you'd like me to review before we talk. You'll get a message about setting up dates/times for our consultation. 

Got questions? Send them here.