Build Your Brand One Story At A Time 

"Your marketing begins with a story..."

In a dark corner of Starbucks, a smart but very sad business owner was muttering into his Mocha Latte: “How can I stand out from my competitors? It seems that everyone’s saying the same thing. I need to show the world I’m different.” 

His words carried to the next table, occupied by a wise old wizard, cleverly disguised as a Macbook-toting copywriter. 

The copywriter pointed to her empty mug and said, “If you buy me a double shot cappuccino, I’ll tell you exactly what to do.”

Two sips of highly concentrated caffeine and the copywriter was ready to put on her wizard hat.

copywriting with storytelling for branding

Build Your Brand One Story At A Time: Everything The Solo Business Owner Needs To Starting Marketing With Stories. It's a virtual binder ...filled with videos and resources you can download immediately! 

"The secret lies in the story."

“You need to tell stories,” the copywriter said. "Here's why: 

  • "Your story is unique, so you’ll stand out from the crowd with ease. 
  • “Stories claim attention, so you’ll engage your audience naturally. 
  • “You’ll be memorable. People remember plots. 
  • “And you’ll get the word out. What’s the first thing people do when they hear a good story? Yes ...They call their friends!” 

“But how do I do this?” asked the business owner. “I don’t have a rags to riches story. I didn’t spend six months sleeping in a church basement. I don't have a hero story or a hard luck story."

“Nonsense! Who needs a church basement?” said the copywriter, showing some attitude. 

“We’re not doing Cinderella here. You need to tell your story for branding … not for sitting around the campfire chomping down s’mores and swilling hot chocolate. 

"You need to tell your story for grown-up clients who drink good stuff, like this cappuccino.”  

“But I keep getting stuck,” argued the business owner. 

“And I need to go back to being a wise old wizard,” said the copywriter.

She snapped her fingers and she was gone… but next to her now-empty cappuccino mug was a wondrous package, containing everything the business owner needed to be successful with storytelling. And you can claim it for yourself, too.

I’m Cathy Goodwin. I'm a copywriter and marketing strategist. I'm not really a wizard, although some clients have called me one. 

My superpower is helping my clients discover the stories they need to tell, and wrapping the stories in words and phrases that attract clients and buyers. 

Storytelling isn't just a way to entertain your readers. It's a tool you can use to strengthen every aspect of your marketing.

I don't like to see marketers limiting themselves to tired old story formulas...and don't fully benefit from the power of storytelling.

So I created this program: Brand Yourself One Story At A Time. 

Introducing "Build Your Brand One Story At A Time"

Get 5 modules with exercises, tips and how-tos. Each module includes a video lesson and a study guide. You also get access to a membership area with additional resources. Choose the "go it alone" self-study or the fast track with a coaching session.

MODULE 1: How To Use Stories To Stand Out And Get Known As An Expert

  • Why buying into “you gotta be vulnerable” can be a big mistake 
  • 3 essential qualities you need to be the hero who captures your clients’ hearts and minds 
  • Why your brand story is more like a stand-up comedy bit than a movie arc …
  • Why you don’t need a spill-your-guts, “I was there” story (because you can do this instead)

MODULE 2: How To Use Stories To Engage And Inspire Your Prospects

  • How to use story as a brand-building tool that's more powerful than a logo or color scheme
  • How to recognize the 3 branding challenges that require a story 
  • Get inside the 5 mindset qualities of the master story tellers 
  • Why brand stories turn into pumpkins when you model them on fairy tales (and a simple action story technique that works like.... well, magic) 
  • A simple technique to increase audience engagement exponentially (so they pay attention and ignore the temptation of their cell phones) 

MODULE 3: How To Avoid The 4 Top Storytelling Mistakes 

  • Why branding heroes don’t leap tall buildings with a single bound (and what they do instead) 
  • How to turn your audience's insatiable curiosity into a profitable asset
  • How to use stories to reinforce your integrity, enhance your trust factor and enhance your credibility

MODULE 4: How To Engage Your Audience (Even When You're Telling Them Things They Don't Want To Hear)

  • 3 little-known techniques to get your audience to buy into your world and join you on the journey
  • A surprisingly simple technique to get a serious point across without coming on too strong
  • How to create a cast of characters your audience will care about (so they'll stay tuned to the end)
  • How adding this single detail will set the scene for your story and help nail your brand  

MODULE 5: How To Use Your Story To Set Yourself Up As A "Must-Have" Service 

  • How an ordinary straight-talking business owner can become a spell-binding storyteller by harnessing these 3 pro tips
  • How to banish story block (which hurts more than ordinary writers’ block because some idiot told you this should be easy) and painlessly begin branding with stories
  • How to uncover your own private treasure chest of brand stories that keeps filling itself up and never goes empty, without any extra effort from you


BONUS #1: My Udemy course on “Storytelling For Small Business Marketing” The nuts and bolts of storytelling for marketing (List price $35.)

BONUS #2: My newest ebook: Pinterest for Solo-preneurs (List price $17) 

Get started today .... and see first-hand why many successful business owners say storytelling is the most important tool in their marketing kit.

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I'm confident you'll love the course and you'll get terrific benefits. But I don't want "sad money." 

Just ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase (before you choose the one-to-one consultation). I'll cheerfully refund your money and we'll part friends.