Become A Copywriter contains everything you need to know about starting and growing a successful copywriting career... all in one place, for a ridiculously low introductory price. Get immediate access to the tools, tips and insider tricks that today's successful copywriters use to build a profitable business. Just a few examples of what you'll find inside: 

Grow Your Business Even When You're Brand New

Learn the secrets of generating consistent revenue while you're waiting for clients to show up (or you're having a slow week)

Convince Clients To Hire You Before You Get A Lot Of Experience

Discover how to demonstrate your skills to prospects and build a strong portfolio - without giving away your services for free.

Online Marketing For Copywriters

Get Great Clients Without Leaving Home

Get clients from all over the world from wherever you want to live - even a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.  

Choose A Business Model That Fits Your Income Goals

Forget the job-to-job cash flow panic (unless you thrive on it). Learn to choose a business model with recurring revenue. 

Build Lucrative Client Relationships

Learn to charge what you're worth, get paid on time and work with clients who value what you offer. 

Grow Your Business YOUR Way

Learn 12 strategies to attract copywriting clients (and the 2 worst places to look for clients that will waste your time).  

become a copywriter testimonial

"Cathy, you've created a very practical resource.

"In my experience, you can find lots of copywriting instruction out there, but not so much advice on the business side all in one place, and specifically for copywriters.

"I would have found something like this invaluable when I was starting with freelancing four years ago, and I've even picked up some things from it now, such as finding copywriting communities.

"I felt like I was sitting down with an industry veteran who was very generously giving me lots of advice."

Meg Hartmann, Copywriter at SmartWordMarketing.com

become a copywriter testimonial

"I’ve been looking for something that would help me learn the basics of copywriting and Internet marketing. I was frustrated I could find only products that were geared for more experienced copywriters. 

"Cathy’s ebook and membership site gave me more than I anticipated. I found answers to my questions as well as to questions I wish I’d known to ask. 

"The sections on marketing and dealing with clients were right on the money. In particular, her template for seeking referrals is awesome - something I can use immediately. 

"Her writing style is engaging and, as a plus, the book was fun to read too. Thank you so much, Cathy!"

Chad Plante, Copywriter at ChadPlante.com 

9 Modules To Build And Grow Your Successful Copywriting Career  

Module 1: "Just what is a copywriter ... and how do I become one? I'm not especially creative and I certainly wasn't an English major." 

  • This module explains why a copywriter isn't a wordsmith, tech writer or other types of writers...and why it's important to be clear on the differences.
  • You'll get an overview of what copywriters do and how they really spend their time.
  • You'll discover what's different about copywriting compared to other kinds of writing you might have done before

Module 2: "How can I become a better copywriter?

  • Get directions to the best free and paid courses, blogs and mailing lists and appreciate the different paths copywriters take to reach success. 
  • Discover whether you're a good candidate for working with a mentor (and where to find one if that makes sense for you).  
  • You'll also discover a list of questions to ask before you pay for a mentor (and these days, they don't come cheap) so you'll build a relationship that brings you money as well as a satisfying career. 
  • Your bonuses include a complete copywriting course - videos by a highly successful, experienced marketer. 

Module 3: "What do I do while I'm on the ground floor of my copywriting career?"

  • You need to do 3 very specific things every day till you reach your goal ... and some copywriters commit to doing them for life. 
  • Discover what's the best use of your time and get tips to grow your business much faster than most copywriters (when you implement and do the very reasonable steps you'll see here).

Module 4: "How do I market myself as a copywriter (and how is my marketing different from what people around me are doing)?"

  • When you seek advice from marketing coaches, you may get tips that work just fine for a coach, consultant or other service professional. And you (and they) will be shocked when you dutifully follow their advice and get zero reward. 
  • Discover 3 ways copywriter marketing is different.
  • Learn how to get started as a copywriter and leave room to expand your business in surprising and exciting new directions as you and your market evolve. 
  • Build a website with unique, specific features that deliver clients to copywriters 

Module 5: "Everybody tells me I need a niche. Where do I start? Not with women 18-34 who live in California..."

  • Right! Most successful copywriters choose a niche. Alas, most choose by trial and error because they don't understand why niches work differently for copywriting.
  •  As a copywriter you need a 3-part niche based on what you offer, who's hungry for what you offer and where you just plain feel comfortable. It's all spelled out right here. 

Module 6: "OK, we're down to brass tacks! Where the bleep do I get clients, anyway?"

  • Forget the image of standing on street corners holding out a little tin cup and wearing a big sandwich board. In fact, forget everything you've heard about getting copywriting clients.  
  • Discover 12 different methods that have worked well for copywriters. You'll love some; you'll hate some. You get to choose. 
  • Recognize 2 so-so methods that might work if you've got spare time.
  • Get a heads up to watch out for 2 approaches that don't work (but sound like common sense till you know better). They'll waste time and leave you feeling frustrated and foolish.  
  • Accelerate your growth with my proven template you can use when approaching colleagues and friends to get referrals (something you usually get only in high-priced marketing programs).  

Module 7: "How Can I Avoid The Time-Sucking, Emotion-Draining Clients And Triple My Productivity?"

  • This module shares what few copywriters will tell you: Choosing your clients is the key to being productive. You'll get a step-by-step plan for responding to queries, following up, how to activate your flake detection system, and making sure you're on the same page (because even a great client gets confused sometimes).
  • You'll also get a template of 11 points you need to include in your copywriting agreement (and you rarely get a glimpse of this unless you're being mentored by a seasoned copywriter). 

Module 8: "How Do I Know What To Charge?"

  • That's probably the number one question new copywriters ask. 
  • Get an overview of guidelines and a list of places to look on the Internet when you're trying to figure out the going rate. 
  • Profit from the Magic Question you need to ask your clients very, very early in the process, so you avoid 90% of pricing hassles. It's so powerful I'll advise you to post it on your computer so you won't forget in the excitement of a sales conversation. 

Module 9: "Do I Have To Be A Feast-or-Famine Freelancer?"

  • The short answer is "no." 
  • This module will introduce you to 3 business models you can use as a guide to earn a good living as a copywriter - on your own terms.  


But that's not all. 

 With one payment - not a subscription - you gain lifetime access to all 9 modules PLUS 5 separate resource sections in the membership site. These resources are continuously updated and more sections will be added over time. 

You get THREE COURSES IN ONE: a course on becoming a copywriter -- choosing a mentor, choosing a business model and marketing yourself; a course on copywriting; and a course on using swipe files, the copywriter's most important tool (but only if applied correctly). 

Just of few examples of what's in store for you ...  

  • a complete "copywriting basics" course (5 professional, well-made video modules from an expert marketer)
  • VIP tips, tools and resources for online marketing, skill development, list-building, networking and more (updated frequently) 
  • 7 little-known research tools you can use immediately (so your copy reaches the target every time)
  •  recorded interviews with top copywriters actively working today (sharing their practical success secrets -- the kind nobody ever talks about - and not available anywhere else)
  • guide to free and and affordable resources to keep building your copywriting skills  
  • more surprises and bonuses that will be added by the time you make your purchase

... and a whole lot more ... all in one place, for a shockingly low one-time price.

About The Author: Cathy Goodwin 

“When I started copywriting I soon became frustrated with my career progress. There was no clear path to improve my skills and find clients.The marketing guides were generic - not specific to copywriting - and the high-end consultants didn't understand why marketing yourself isn't the same for copywriters as for coaches and consultants.  

"Soon I realized that you have to find guidance from someone who's been in the field at least 10 years -- and who will agree to help you without charging you enough to buy a small mansion. 

"So I decided to spill the beans in an affordable, down-to-earth program. I've added a bunch of links, tools and templates so you'll get everything you need right here when you register. It's like a treasure trove for new copywriters (and more veterans than you might expect, too). You won't find a complete resource like this anywhere else on the planet."  



People far less qualified than you are moving into careers as copywriters. 

Why give them the edge ? There's no better time to start a successful career as a copywriter and enjoy an independent lifestyle, with a skill that can't be easily exported or automated. 

"OK, now we're getting down to the wire. What's all this going to cost me?"  

First, let's look at what you're getting. 

You'll have the complete package: tools to become a better copywriter, top ways to find clients, and even secrets of making money when the gigs are slow.  

You'll get tips to manage your time and your cash flow -- customized for copywriters, not generic "entrepreneurship" ideas that don't apply to you. 

You will listen to interviews with top copywriters and get links to resources (mostly free) from all over the world. 

It's taken me countless hours, over a period of years, to assemble these materials, even after I got to know some top copywriters. 

The only other way to get this amount of comprehensive guidance is to spend thousands of dollars to join a costly mentorship program. 

That's not a bad idea... AFTER you know exactly how to choose a mentor (which we cover in detail here) and you've got enough experience to qualify for a top program. 

I'm not aware of any comparable courses or programs. But other courses promising to help you market yourself as a copywriter OR develop your skills typically sell for $497 - $1997. 

The course normally sells for $197. But for just a short time:  



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Your purchase is completely guaranteed. You have 30 days to review your materials. If you're not satisfied, your purchase will be fully and cheerfully refunded. No hard feelings and we will part friends! 

become a copywriter guarantee

Cathy Goodwin

P.S. I've had a lot of fun working on this and poured my heart and soul into it, because I know the pain of the beginner copywriter who just wants to make the right moves as early as possible. I've been there and now I'm clearing the trail for others to do the same. 

And my own mentors are telling me, "You gotta get this price raised." So far, I'm resisting, because I know it's tough for new copywriters. I know how easily you can miss out on opportunities because you don't have this guidance.

But I can't hold out forever! So grab it now, tell your friends...and send me a note when you're enjoying your new life as a copywriter! 

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