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"Create Your Rockstar About Page By Telling Stories"

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How to use "Four Story Marketing" to overcome resistance to writing about yourself (and decide what your About Page needs to become the lead generator you've always wanted)

What your About Page has been missing all along (it's keeping you from reaching the clients on your wish list -- and it's surprisingly easy to fix) 

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Copywriting Consultation For Professional Service Businesses

Cathy Goodwin is an experienced copywriter and strategist, specializing in solo-preneurs and independent professionals who want to market themselves with stories. 

If you've never been to one of Cathy's webinars, you're in for a treat. We begin on time, skip the fluffy intro and deliver fresh, original content. We do make offers but keep them short and sweet.  

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How To Use Storytelling To Create An About Page That Attracts Your Ideal Clients And Positions You As The Expert