Now You Can Lose Your Frustrating, Misery-Making Job And Start Moving To Your Dream Career In Just 21 Days

Does this sound like you: 

... You dream of walking away from your job -- but you don't want to end up in a minimum wage job that's even worse.

... You want to change careers but your friends think you're crazy.

...You find yourself thinking, "Everybody else is happy with their careers. What's wrong with me?"

...You've read a handful of career books (maybe even hired a coach or two) and they don't seem to be describing the world you live in

And you're overwhelmed by the whole process:

Where do you start? Should you take tests? Isn't there an easier way?  

What if you could ...

... discover how career change really happens (and it's nothing like what most career books promise)

... get straight-talk realistic information  on your options and begin moving quickly to fill your dream

Introducing Your 21-Day Extreme Career Makeover: a street-smart guide designed specifically for midlife, mid-career professionals and corporate achievers.  

I wrote this book after working with hundreds of mid-career professionals. They were motivated to change but got caught up trying to follow the tried-and-true advice of their friends, their family and even the experts they consulted. 

The truth is, career change fails when you apply the same success rules you used to succeed in your current position. The more experienced and successful you are, the more you'll need a new set of guidelines. I like to say, "Corporate success is like playing NFL football. Career change success is like playground pickup basketball."

When you follow the steps in this guide, you gain clarity about what you'd like to do and what's possible. You discover where to get information and advice and how to fend off the wet blankets who try to hold you back. Most of all, you get to toss away the old rulebooks and find your own unique trajectory.  


... feeling confident and energized as you approach your career change
... ending confusion about "what do I do next" and "Am I doing this right?"
... becoming aware of exciting career options
... replacing the nay-sayers with encouraging, upbeat supporters 
... seeing yourself in your new career, which may be very different from what you expected
...finally understanding why so many career changes fail (and why yours doesn't have to)

Buy now and start enjoying your new career! 


Just $17   
  • Cathy Goodwin clearly knows the field! This ebook packs a lot into 21 days in an entertaining and doable way."

    Elisabeth Harpe

    Skagit Business & Staffing
  • As a personal life coach, I'd recommend Cathy's simple, straight forward process to quickly help anyone contemplating a career move or change to find a route to their next position. ”

    Steve Miller

    Former Aerospace Engineer/Life Coach  
  • I have read the Parachute and other job hunting books, but for immediate impact, every job-seeker should read and re-read this ebook."

    Barney Mayse

  • Other books have great activities too, but no other simultaneously works with your awareness and what you need to do to make the change in so clear and simple manner."    

    D. Merrily Miller, Ed.D. 

    Professor of Education, Mount Saint Mary College (NY)

Cathy Goodwin

About the Author 

Cathy Goodwin, MBA, Ph.D., is an author and career consultant, specializing in topics related to midlife career change. Her book, Making the Big Move: How to transform relocation into a creative life transition (New Harbinger 1999), has  been praised as the leading book on dealing with the stress of relocation. 

Dr. Goodwin has been featured as a career development and life transitions expert guest on several talk shows, including KQED San Francisco, and the Matt and Ramona show. She's been interviewed  for articles appearing in the Denver Post, Billings (MT) Gazette, Boardroom, Parents Express, USA Today Online, School Foodservice & Nutrition, Ivanhoe News. Chicago Tribune Syndicate, and more.  Her article "Relocation as Identity Change" can be found in the best-selling 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do.